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December 2012

Making the Most Out of Your Office Visit

Let's Talk Heart Time is precious! Today's medical environment is limiting the amount of time most doctors and patients have for their office visits. Because every minute counts, we need to do our best to ensure that we are msing the most out of our time together.

Making the Most Out of Your Office Visit

let's talk 2Being prepared can help you and your doctor communicate more effectively about your health. Have you ever remembered something you forgot to ask or tell your doctor—only after you left the office? Perhaps you’ve had difficulty recalling what your doctor or nurse said, and maybe you’ve  had trouble asking for clarification when you knew you needed it. Most of us have experienced those sorts of problems. It’s easy to see how they can happen and how much more helpful and productive our visit could have been had they not occurred.

Fortunately, a few simple steps taken in advance of your visit can make a positive difference in your care and treatment! Here are some suggestions…

1) Make lists of your concerns, any allergies and all the medicines, herbs or vitamins you take.

2) Write down a description of your symptoms — when they started, what makes them better.

3) A notepad or recording device can be useful for later review and sharing information with family and friends.

4) If you need some help communicating, have a trusted friend or relative accompany you. If you need a hearing aid, please wear it.

5) Make sure you understand your diagnosis and any treatments before leaving. Ask your physician to write down his or her instructions to you. If you still have trouble understanding, ask where you can go for more information.

6) Be honest!

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